Friday, February 22, 2013

Welcome... and bloom!


I am glad you are here!  My name is Kristen and I am new to blogging.  I am jumping into this venture with both feet and am learning as I go.  I love color, creating, encouraging, and finding joy each day.  This year I chose a word.. it is Bloom! So instead of waiting for the perfect time or place, I am trying to bloom!  That is why I am staring this blog.  I hope to share ideas and encourage other wives and mamas.  I love saving money and my thought is "if I can make it, why buy it".  No need for perfection... but rather joy!  If you look, joy can be found everywhere... in God's handiwork, the people we love, creating something, savoring a moment.  
So here begins this journey... I hope you will join me and bloom!

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