Friday, July 12, 2013

Hannah Keeley - "Crazy Blessed , Inspiration for Mamas, and an Answer to Prayer

This is Hannah...

I first met Hannah five summers ago.  She was an answer to prayer.  A desperate prayer for help. 
Five years ago, my husband had gotten laid off that Winter... my son suffered his first asthma attack... my mother was suffering from a debilitating disease, MS, that eventually took her life... one of my brothers had died unexpectedly... my husband rupture his Achilles tendon and need surgery and rehab... couple that with teaching preschool, raising three little ones, running a home... and being a wife.  I was done... cooked... desperate.  I was at the end of me... and in that dark place, I cried out to the Lord.  A simple cry for help... because that was all I could do.  Funny, when I finally stopped relying on me and gave it all up to Him... that is when amazing things began to happen...

I had read about Hannah in a magazine I had taken out from the library.  It gave a little review of her book Total Mom Makeover and talked about how her life changed from struggling to get by each day to really thriving.  This lead me to take out her book from the library... and then to sign up for her e-newsletter.  In one of the emails, there was a request for mamas who needed help to send in a video to Hannah.  Hannah was about to embark on a PBS pilot called Hannah, Help Me!  I felt the Lord strongly urging me to send in a video.  There was one catch... you needed to live in the Richmond, VA to be considered.  Yet, I still heard the Lord speaking to me telling me to send in a video.  So, I did.  Long story short, even though I shouldn't have been considered for the show, I was picked.  Soon, Hannah and a crew headed here to film the two pilot episodes of "Hannah, Help Me!"  They arrived the day after my husband's surgery to repair his tendon.  I remember talking with Hannah the day before she was set to come... I was feeling unglued with everything that was going on and didn't know if it would be a good time for Hannah and a tv crew to come.  I still remember Hannah saying this was great... now she could help me even more.   And she did... sweet words of encouragement with some boot camp drill sergeant mixed in.  She is a bundle of energy with a big heart and a passion to help mamas thrive.  Her love for the Lord is evident in all she does.  And, her smile and laughter are infectious.  My children loved her... me too!  And, Hannah and her crew were so kind and caring to my husband who was in agony and on some strong painkillers.  What looked like a catastrophe was a blessing that grew me in ways nothing else could.    And, the next Spring just two weeks before my mom passed away, I was blessed by a much need break... Hannah took five moms, including me, to Turks and Caicos for a retreat and to film the season finale of Hannah, Help Me! 

Hannah's mission is to minister to moms and equip them with the tools they need to serve the Lord and bloom.  She is a mama of seven and she shares her firsthand experiences with raising her children, digging out from debt,  cleaning out clutter, and following the Lord. 

You can find her at her website -   The site if full of great information and resources (many of the are free).  She also has founded - Mom Mastery University - a program to mentor moms and help them live out their calling. 

And, her latest e-book is called "Crazy Blessed"

Hannah's book shares Hannah's heart and an excitement for the plans the Lord has for each one of us.  You will be encouraged to live an obedient life and draw closer to God.  As a bonus, this e-book contains links to videos by Hannah that will help you further.  Her joy is effervescent and will leave you wanting to draw closer to Jesus and live the life He intended for you from the beginning. 
You can purchase the "Crazy Blessed" Bundle here on her website or at
(*side note:  I received no compensation from Hannah for this endorsement - because I am so impressed with Hannah, her ministry, and her integrity that I bought this bundle and am giving it rave reviews).
So, if you are looking for more out of your life... needs to be inspired... want to grow in your faith... or want to be encouraged, this bundle is a great tool for you!   My family has been so blessed by Hannah and you can too.
We serve a mighty God and I can tell you from my own life He answers prayers in ways we never expect!  I have seen it in my own life.  He has made each of us a unique and special child and loves us with a unrelenting passion.  I hope you know that!
Praying you have many blessings and much joy!

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