Saturday, July 6, 2013

Simple Thrifty Outdoor Cushions

Happy Saturday!  It is hot and humid here... perfect day to be inside for a bit with the fan and ac running and sew.

Here is one of the fun projects I have been waiting to attack.  We have some nice rockers outside and a wicker loveseat and then these plastic chairs.  They are plain and needed a little update.  Today I made cushions for them.

I started with these reusable bags leftover from a youth group beach party in the Spring.
  I love the colors and the print definitely says Summer!

I had this leftover egg crate mattress that I had already cut up and make some pillows out of...
I had three good-sized pieces left

I just place each piece on top of a bag and figured out where to cut...
the egg crate has a grid-like design so I didn't even measure

Then I stuffed each bag with the cut cushion

I sewed the bags closed just going across the top... simple straight stitch

super easy

then I cut the handles in half to make ties for the cushions

 I did some quick stitching and cutting with pinking shears just to give the ties a finished look

headed outside and tied them in back

and here is the final product:)... the whole project took me less than a half hour
and the cushion really brighten up the chairs and make them more comfortable.  
I love how they look and also that I used up what I  had instead of spending a ton at the store. 

we are definitely having supper out here tonight:)
Super fun, quick, and thrifty! 
Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!
Praying you have many blessings and much joy!

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