Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What's Lurking Under Your Couch? ...Perhaps a New Perspective

The other day, I tackled the much neglected chore of cleaning under my couch.  Truth be told, I do not do this near often enough.  I started out with a great attitude that quickly changed to frustration when I found the following:

~ 6 + mismatched socks
~ 2 pairs of scissors
~ 1 earbud cover
~ 2 books
~ many orthodontic elastics
~ a hot glue stick
~ a Barbie shoe
~ 2 boots
~3 slippers
~ candy wrappers
~cough drop wrappers
~ hair accessories
~ 2 buttons
~ pens and pencils too numerous to count
~ more than a few dust bunnies

I was so aggravated!  Didn't I work hard enough?  Didn't I teach my kids to clean up after themselves?  Didn't I teach them where the trash can was?

Then I took a breath and thought...
What if instead of complaining about what I found amiss and looked at things with a new perspective?  What if my list looked more like this?

~ we have lots of socks to keep our feet warm
~ we have scissors to cut material and papers, and more
~we can listen to beautiful music
~we all can read and enjoy a good story
~my children are having orthodontic treatment to fix their dental issues
~we have lots of supplies to keep this crafty girl happy:)
~we have toys in our house
~we not only have boots to keep our feet warm and dry in the winter... but also to look cute too!
~ we have soft cozy slippers
~we have enough food to eat and some money to splurge on treats!
~ we are healthy and no longer need cough drops
~the girls in this family have long beautiful hair... some people are not fortunate to have hair
~ we have clothes with lots of buttons
~we have three very artistic children who spend a great deal of time sketching and creating
~ we have three children, a dog, and a cat - such a full house!

After looking at my new list, I am seeing things in a new way.  Instead of grumbling, I am counting my blessings and feeling a lot of joy!  Who knew all this could be found just by cleaning under my couch.  I have a grateful heart.

What's lurking under your couch?

Praying you have many blessings and much joy!

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