Friday, March 29, 2013

You Have to go Through Friday to get to Sunday

When my husband was in a seminary, a professor of his, said these simple words to some of us "You have to go through Friday to get to Sunday".   Seems obvious, right?  We learn to order of the days of the week even as young as preschool age...  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.   Richard Carlson, that professor, imparted to me that day a truth that would have a profound affect on my life and be something I would cling to as I worked through some dark days.  The words were spoken as we talked about conflict management and how we need to get to the "stuff", the "issues", the "sin" in us and address it or it would come out in other ways.  Jesus, had to go through Good Friday and his crucifixion, in order to rise again and give us life on Easter Sunday and beyond.

In our lives, we face issues due to our own sin, the sin others have done to us, and the brokenness of this world.  Only facing the truth of this and letting Christ take these issues upon Himself would heal this.  I have been a Christian since I was a youth and knew this in my head.  What I didn't know deep in my soul is this - I would have to let Christ in completely to every layer of my being.  There were things that were too painful, to scary, or two ugly to look at in the light.  See, that is how sin is - yours and mine.   Slowly, it eats away at life.   That is until it is exposed to the light.   At first, it hurts.   It is similar to the way your eyes sting upon encountering the bright sun after leaving a dark building.  They sting and tear up, and eventually adjust and open fully to the beauty of the day before you.

Once sin is brought to the light and handed over to the only One who can make you whole - life is never the same.  And, so it was for me... things I clung to somewhere deep inside needed to be handed over and given up.  At first, the process was so painful - like digging dirt out of a wound.  Painful, but necessary.  Some things feel too much to bear - too hard to handle.  The brokenness of our soul is hard to carry alone.  The story, however, doesn't end there.  Ever so slowly at times, we adjust to this letting go and just like our eyes can eventually open and see the beauty around us, so do our souls.

This is what Good Friday is all about.  Jesus, had to face terrible, unimaginable suffering and torture.  He did this as a completely free gift for you and for me.  He took all of the ugliness and sin upon Himself for us.  Then He did what no one else could do.  He rose triumphantly early on Easter morning to give us life.  We are free and forgiven.  What we should have paid for was taken care of by Jesus.  His love is unfathomable.  And, while it seems to us at times that He is not here in our darkest hour;  He surprises us as we surrender and gives us beautiful life just like He did on Easter Sunday.

Yes, we do have to go through Friday to get to Sunday.  And, it is so worth it. 

He is risen!  He is risen indeed!

Praying you have many blessings and much joy!

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