Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tortoise Tuesday - Breaking it Down into Smaller Bites (and a jewelry cabinet update)

Hello There!  Today is Tortoise Tuesday where I try to be more like the Tortoise and less like the Hare.

This week is a full week for our family.  Besides the normal life (well, as normal as it gets around here), our son is being confirmed at church on Sunday.  He has been working hard these last two years exploring and studying our Christian faith and Sunday will be a celebration and confirmation of that.

This is my boy:

He is growing up to be a fine young man with a heart for God and a great sense of humor like his father.    Both my husband and son are what I would call winsome.  

I love these milestones along the way where we can mark and celebrate the faith we live by.  We are having a celebration here, as is the tradition in our family, with some family and good friends.  This also creates some anxiety me as thoughts rumble and tumble around in my mind of all that needs to be done.  House needs to be cleaned... screens need to be replaced... food needs to be bought... Fall/Winter Clothes need to go into storage bins and bins out to the garage... Spring/Summer clothes need to be put away in closets and drawers so that said bins can be empty for filling with Fall/Summer clothes (bins that are sitting right in the middle of the kitchen right now)... centerpieces for the confirmation dessert the night before confirmation need to be made... lawn needs to be mowed and garden and walkway weeded... and the list goes on... 

The Hare in me runs hurry scurry roly poly; not making progress just fueling the stress fire.  So here is what I am going to do to slow down that old Hare that keeps popping its ugly head up... breathe.  Then, break it down into manageable bits.  Tasks I can attack a bit here and there and some I can delegate to my kiddos and husband... and some that just won't get done.  This, I think, is a much better way to work.  Slow and steady I remind myself.

What kind of project are you stressing about?  Break it into smaller bits and tackle it one step at a time!  

And, for fun, here s a little before and after of my jewelry cabinet that I painted peacock blue a while back.

the picture doesn't do the picture justice... it is so rich and looks so nice in my room

I added a tray I redid which completes the cabinet.  Love this change!

Praying you have many blessings and much joy!

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