Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Cultivating a Grateful Heart

"Rejoice always, 
pray constantly,
give thanks in all circumstances.
For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you!"
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

I have to be honest with you... I have not been feeling thankful very often this week... nor have I been rejoice all that much, nor praying constantly.  May is one of those crazy/wonderful/stressful months.  Everything comes to a end for summer break.  A flurry of activity and celebrations captures me.  An ever-increasing "to do" list weighs on me.  Summer beckons.  Children become restless and wild... This leads me to my first "thanks" this week...

I am thankful for this blog and being intentional about giving thanks.  The ritual of sitting down, placing my fingers on the keyboard, pouring out my thoughts in picture and word... it is a tool by which God is changing me.. calling me to Him, reminding me of all I have been blessed with and what it important.  This pause from activity refocuses me on how I want to live... how I need to live... rejoice always (not just when things are calm or go just my way... pray constantly - not perfect flowery words, not a formula... just talking with Abba My Father, My Heavenly Daddy... give thanks in all circumstances - lots of complaints here not thanks...
Stopping here and now to get back on track.  For that I am so very grateful!  

Some more thanks for this week:

our pool waiting to be set up... we spend a lot of our summer here

this big old tree in our neighbor's yard... it provides sweet shade all summer long

my sewing machine... I love love love sewing... creating... making things...
it brings me such joy

this pillow... love the fabric, enjoyed the sewing of it, and now it sits on my couch...
 I think the fabric is so cheery

fabric in general... it makes me swoon...
 I have this aqua material ready to make into something... not sure what yet
the light in the picture does not do this fabric justice

frozen peaches from a friend... 
I thought I had used all of them and was so surprised to find them in our freezer!

smoothies... this one I made with some of the frozen peaches

music... my son played in his last middle school concert this week...
 loved hearing the jazz band!
Just want to say... love all three of my kids with a passion and fierceness... 
I just happened to have posted a lot about Mark lately since his 8th grade year is a big year for him.  Many milestones for him this year.

yummy, luscious watermelon... all summer long!

this is our family's verse for 2013... I truly feel this is what the Lord gave to us... 
lately I have been feeling downcast about it... 
some hopes and dreams my sweet husband and I had have just not come to fruition and in our humanness, we haven't seen clearly but rather clouded...
yesterday, I was given this verse again by Him who has good plans for us... so thankful!!!!

Taking moments to reflect and be truly thankful is changing me... it will change you too!

What are you thankful for?

Praying you have many blessings and much joy!

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